The Versatile Blogger Award Day

Hey lovelies,

first, a huge thanks to Pooja Mittal for nominating me. She's an amazing lady who writes about fashion and shares her lovely outfits on Check her out. :)

Second, 7 things about me. While I was writing this I felt like filling some online dating site, not that I know how is that like, I just assume. :) Anyways, here they are:
1. I love reading mystery novels, horror novels and occasionally some girly book just to relax and get my mind off of real life.
2. I enjoy swimming, diving and everything that has to do with sea, pools and beaches.
3. I’m very choosy and I can’t shop in a hurry, so when someone goes shopping with me we literally shop till we drop.
4. I hate wearing lip gloss, especially when it’s windy and my hair stick to my lip gloss, ugh.
5. I can not survive a day without eating a chocolate, or anything sweet actually.
6. I don’t go anywhere without my earphones, changed dozens of them.

7. I sing all the time. If you spend some time with me you’ll start too. My brother, with whom I spend a lot of time, started to sing that much that his teacher complained of him singing during the class. Hahah, sorry bro :)

Here are the rules:
1) If you are nominated, then you are awarded the Versatile Blogger Award
2) Thank the person who gave you this award.
3) Include the link of there blog.
4) Nominate 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
5) Finally,tell the person who nominated you & things about yourself.

And here are the bloggersI want to nominate:
3. Aveilt
15. Sosaree

Thank you Pooja for passing the award to me . :)
P.S. Check out my blog tomorrow also to see the outfit I prepared. Thanks for reading! :)


Bag Collection: Katy Perry

Hey lovelies,
enjoy the photos of Katy Perry and her awesome bag collection. Which one is your favorite? :)

Enjoy the song


Take Me To Paris: Street Style

Hey lovelies,
whre would you like to be right now? My dream place at the moment is Paris and since I'm inspired I want to share with you some inspirational photos and of course photos of Paris Fashion week (lasts till Oct 2) street outfits. Check out the photos and tell me what outfit did you like the most? :)
Paris Fashion Week Street style
source: fashionising


How to: Make Your Legs Look Longer And Slimmer

Hey lovelies,
today I want to share with you some tips and tricks to make your legs look longer and  more slender. Unfortunately, nature hasn’t blessed us all with this gift, but there’re  always some sneaky ways and tricks to achieve this look.
So, read this post and tell me what do you think? Do you know some other tricks? If do, don’t hesitate to share. :)

1. High heels – first and obvious choice for making your legs look longer. For amazing result pick nude heels, since nude is a color that is close to skin tone it will make your legs longer, plus you can wear nude heels with almost everything.
2. Pointy flats – We can’t wear heels every day and for every occasion but there’s another way to make your legs longer without heels, invest in a pair of pointy flats, shoes with pointed toes make your foot look longer and lengthen your leg line.
3. Tall boots – When we’re talking about boots that can make your leg look longer, choose tall boots over ankle boots. They create a line from your knees to the floor making your legs look longer and slimer. Also, to be even more effective choose a color of boots that is the same or close to the color of your pants or stockings. For example, if you’re wearing dark grey pants, the color of your boots should be a darker or even black. Dark colors have slimming effect and wearing black pants or darkest  skinny jeans make your legs more slender.
4. Stripped pants – this is another obvious choice, but the trick is to pick the pants with vertical stripes because they trick people into seeing additional length of your leg. Also, any pants or leggings vith any vertical detail, like tuxedo pants, can create the same effect.
5. Monochromatic – Try wearing an monochromatic outfit, your entire outfit need to be in one color. That look creates a clean line from your shoulders to the floor making you look taller and creating an illusion of longer legs. 
6. Wear shorts and short skirts or dresses – Short skirts and shorts expose more leg and legs look longer that way, but if you want even better effect choose skirts with high waist. By tucking in your shirt when wearing a high waisted skirt you trick people to belive that your hips are at the top of the skirt and that your legs are significantly longer than they are.
7. Wear high waisted pants and pencil skirts – This way you’ll make your torso look shorter while making your legs look longer because the eye naturally assumes that your leg starts where your waist starts.
8. Maxi skirt or dress – Belive it or not maxi skirt can make your legs look longer. How? By making you look taller. Purchase a high waisted maxi skirt for extra effect and wear it with sky-high heels or wedges underneath. You’ll see, your legs will appear much longer than they actually are. 

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment. :)


KABOOM: The Comic Book Look

Hey lovelies,
today I’m inspired by comic books and comic prints in fashion. Do you like comic print? I think it’s amazing how a little piece like clutch in comic print can bring an outfit to a totally different level. It can make any outfit special and different, so if you want to be noticed then this is the print for you.

Here’re some photos for inspiration...
Bernadette from
NY Fashion Week Street Style
Jessica Alba wearing Phillip Lim for Target

Check out my outfit suggestions and tell me which one is your favorite? :) 
shirt – The Hut
Skort – Romwe 32$
Bag – Oasap 50$
Ring – Romwe 12$
Shoes – Asos
shirt – Romwe 28$
skirt – Romwe 19$
necklace – Romwe 10$
bag – Asos 33$
shoes – Asos 39$
shirt – Romwe 34$
pants – Romwe 38$
ring – ForeverNew 13$
clutch – Forever New 30$
shoes – NastyGal 132$
Makeup bag – John Lewis