Jonnessa's Day Off

Hey darlings!
I was very busy these days and because of that I didn’t replied on some of your answers and follows. I’m not able to do that today neither, I’m very sorry. Promise to do that first thing on Tuesday.
Just now, I did some packing (the bag isn’t full yet, so I have to pack more unnecessary things :D) and I have to finish some other things too before I leave. Those are  the reasons for shortness of this post, sorry again. I will be off for couple of days, but I will try to post often like I did so far, so visit and follow for more.
Hope you’re having a great week. :)

Trend: Black & White

Hey darlings!
Today I will share with you one of many fashion trends which I like for spring 2013.
So, this trend is classic and something with what you can’t be wrong. If you said black and white trend, you’re right.

Collection: Favourite pair of sunglasses

Hey darlings!
I’m huge lover of vintage and retro things, all from clothes and accessories to tea cups and even cars. Actually, I think that vintage cars are really the most wonderful part after the clothes and shoes, and bags (…almost done), and sunglasses (there, done).
Speaking of sunglasses, definitely my favourite frame is cat eye. In my oppinion, this frame is the craziest and the most feminine frame, both in the same time.

Collection: Headbands and Fascinators

Hey, lovelies!
Today I’m going to show you my little headband collection and some of my favourite hair accessories.
I really like wearing headbands and fascinators because it’s very nice touch and because it  makes every outfit amazing and different. It happens to me all the time that my friends aks me if I got a new haircut, but all I did was that I put on my fabulous headband.
Do you like wearing headbands? How about fascinators? :)

Such a inspiration, don't you think?

Event: The dress for tonight

Hey lovelies!
Tonight all people from my country celebrate another New Year. I know, you’re probably thinking, wtf, but I guess that reason why we celebrate two New Years is that Serbian people like to party very much. :D Joking aside, I’m really excited!
I decided to wear this gorgeous red dress from New Yorker which I adore but completely forgot about it. I bought it last summer on sale and I was pretty surprised that it was only my size left. Luck or coincidence? I like to think it was luck. :D  What do you think?
The red bow I’m planning to wear is made by me. It’s very simple to make and I hope it will be an amazing hair accessory. Do you like the combo?
I left shoes for later to decide and purse also. Do you think it would be better black shoes or some other colour?
P.S. I will show you pictures tomorrow.

Sale: Look what i bought yesterday

Hey lovelies! 
Today i will show you my sale finds from yesterday. It really shouldn't be a shopping day but i guess that every day is great for shopping. Do you agree? :)

DIY: It still feels like Christmas time to me

Hello lovelies! Long time no read. :)
Well, I'm here now with my first DIY post. I hope that you'll like it as much as i do.
Christmas is my favourite holiday and i have to say again that it really still feels like Christmas time to me in this time of the year. That inspired me to make this pretty christmassy bag and present it to you. Enjoy! :)