Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#Serbia Needs Help

Hello my darlings,
I'm sure many of you have heard what happened in the Balkans, to be more speciffic in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. A lot of people had been affected by the worst floods to hit the Balkans in living memory, they lost their homes and even worse, their lives. Thousands are being evacuated from their homes and those families need our help. If you're in the position to help in any way you can, please do. Here you can find some importaint details on how and where you can donate.
So many people from different countries are willing to help and so many people are already helping. To them I say a HUGE thank you! People of Serbia will never forget that! #SerbiaFloods  #SerbiaNeedsHelp #PreyForSerbia
Zdravo drage moje,
Ovo je prvi put na ovom blogu da pisem na srpskom jeziku i zao mi je sto to cinim zbog jedne ovako tragicne situacije u kojoj smo trenutno. Kao sto znate, hiljade i hiljade ljudi je evakuisano iz Sapca, Sremske Mitrovice, Obrenovca i drugih gradova u Srbiji, Bosni i Hrvatskoj. Ti ljudi su izgubili svoje domove a neki i clanove svojih porodica. Njima je potrebna nasa pomoc, potrebno im je da udruzimo snage i damo im barem deo onoga sto su do pre par dana imali. Ukoliko ste voljni da pomognete, mozete svoju donaciju u vidu hrane, kozmetike (pre svega za decu) i slicno doneti u najblizu prostoriju Crvenog krsta. Ljudi su zaista pokazali da su humani u ovim teskim trenucima jer pomoc neprestano stize. Ja sam svoju donaciju odnela na Nisko sajmiste, preko puta Merkatora. To mozete uciniti i vi ukoliko ste iz Nisa. Ukoliko ste iz drugog grada, raspitajte se gde mozete odneti donaciju ili potrazite tu informaciju na internetu.
Evo podataka za novcane donacije:


otklanjanje posledica vanrednih okolnosti – poplave 

NAMENSKI DEVIZNI RAČUN: 01-504619-100193230-


Ili posaljite SMS na 1003 (cena sms-a je 100 din).
Ovo je situacija u kojoj dokazujemo koliko smo ljudi. Prikljucite se i vi akciji! :)

Veliki pozdrav,

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kendra’s Mothers Day Miami Challenge

Hey Lovelies :)
When Kendra Thornton, a travel expert who has been featured on television shows like Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus, asked me to participate in her fashion challenge, I was super excited. 
In her words, 'When my husband told me about a surprise romantic getaway to Miami, I was thrilled! I have always loved Miami. It's just so beautiful. =) The beaches are pristine, and there are so many things to do around the natural parks and islands located in South Florida. We found the perfect place to stay on gogobot. It's called the Delano South Beach Hotel, and it's located right on the beach and near some of the famous nightclubs that Miami is known for. Since we plan on exploring the city day and night, I'm going to need some help picking out a few casual and posh outfits to wear.
I'm looking for looks that I can wear out around Miami, to the beach and maybe an outfit for a romantic dinner date with my husband. He planned a lot of different activities and surprises for me on the trip, but there's one he told me already that I am so excited for.'

So, what to do first when you arrive in Miami? Going to the beach would be my choice. But what swimsuit is the one? I'd say bring them both, they matches perfectly with the beach accessories, don't you think? :)
Vamos A La Playa

'The Delano South Beach Hotel is very special. The interior has exceptional design and features flowing white curtains, posh tufted furniture, dark wood floors and lavish amenities to match. The guest rooms are designed to give guests the most relaxing stay. The gift that my husband bought me was a spa package to the famous rooftop spa at Delano. It's called Club Essentia, and it's truly one-of-a-kind.The spa spans 3,200 square feet and looks out over the beach and city. Since the hotel is located right on South Beach, I'll be able to get a beautiful view while enjoying their spa services. They provide everything from oxygen facials to massage therapy. There's even a fitness center that I can rack up some cardio in between our excursions.'
Spa Day

What to wear for a romantic dinner with your husband? Here's the outfit that is stylish and pretty and it would be perfect for a date night. What do you think? :)
Romantic Dinner

For checking out those famous Miami nightclubs, here's an stunnig outfit.
Miami Party

And finaly, for a shopping day in Miami, cute and colorful outfit.
Shopping day

Bon voyage, Kendra! :)


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Inspiration: Loving Audrey

Hello lovelies,
Do you sometimes feel a need to change something? Something on you, your blog etc? I do, from time to time. Now I want to change everything on my blog, even the name. What do you think? Should I do it? :)
To be honest, I haven't started the blog to become a popular blogger or anything. This is just a way to express my love for fashion and to share my outfits and the things that inspire me with people who share my interest in fashion. That beeing said, here's my inspiration for today. Audrey Hepburn. :)
I think today is the perfect day for this post, since, ladies, this is our day and we need something to reminds us that we're all beautiful and unique! So, Happy Women's Day, darlings!
Enjoy the photos...
- my favorite -