Chic And Easy Fall Hairstyles

Hey lovelies,
when we talk about hair, there’s something for everyone this fall. There’re straight and messy low ponytails, curly hair with huge volume, fake side bangs, wet hair look followed up with sleek back of course; but there’s something different and so amazing for change and that’s punk hair. I was really excited when I saw pin-curls in all bright colors at Givenchy and let’s not forget those incredibly cool hairstyles at Fendy. What do you think about punk hair for upcoming fall?


I also loved braids at Valentino, look so pure and elegant. Like you see, I tried my best to make my braid look perfect as those from runway show but, I guess my hair isn’t long enough. I guess I’m not the only one with that problem. Well, not to worry, there’s a solution for every problem. Lately I’ve been thinking about getting hair extensions and I was really satisfied when I found online shop specialized in pre bonded hair extensions, check them out - . If you have already visited their site, you saw what a big selection they have plus reasonable prices.
What do you think about hair extensions, would you use them? I think it’s very useful, especially if your hair is short or medium and you like it that way but would also like to change your hairstyle once in a while and make a long braid, just like those at Valentino.
Also, if your hair is wavy and you want to add extra volume, a great solution is wavy hair extension. That way, your hair can look like Kim Kardashian’s in no time.
Speaking about quick hairstyles, with ponytails or to be more precise, with low ponytails you  can’t go wrong this fall. It’s perfect hairstyle for work but also for everyday (or night, add some effective earrings and you’re good to go).
It seems like this fall is going to be filled with simple and delicate hairstyles, like you see, no messy ones in sight, even punk pin curls are neat. I have been thinking about how did they make hair look like that, especially how did they make those bright and so awesome hair colors. Then I decided to make it myself, and belive me I was so close to take a brush and actually paint my hair but then I saw that it kind of look like a wig. So, nothing happened, I’m still a brunette. :)
What hairstyle is your favorite for upcoming fall? I can speak for myself and say all of them, it’s just so hard to decide just for one. But if you ask me which one will be my go-to hairstyle, I say low ponytail. :)




  1. you have lovely eyes!! already following you :) thanks for leaving your links in my blog <3

  2. I love braids too... U did a very good job at making all the styles.. I like messy hair look the most..
    U already have beautiful and wuite long hair , y do u want extensions..
    U can still style them as kim ..
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  3. LOVE the hairstyles!

  4. Thanks for your comment! :) Great post! I love how you tried the hairstyles and mixed them with other photos! Those ponytails are my favorite! :)

  5. yes, lets follow, I follow you now.... great post.... lovely.... xoxo ! :)

  6. great post :)

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  7. Hello from Spain: I really like these proposals hairstyles. My favorite is the braid. Keep in touch

  8. I love all these hair trends!
    Especially the last one!

    FashionEvELand | FEEL

  9. Such a cute post!


  10. lovely post
    beautiful hairstyles
    love Vikee

  11. I like the braids
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